How to engage visitors on your website?

Worried about how to engage visitors on the website? To cater this issue, we have tried to put together the following tips that you may find handy to engage visitors on your website:

  • Search box
    Inserting a search box on your web pages provides convenience to the visitors to find the required information with ease. Merely incorporating the keywords in the text will not serve the purpose. It is also important to add useful information related to the key words/ key phrases that the visitors are searching for.
  • Live chat box
    Integrating a live chat box on the website is gradually becoming need of the hour. It is an innovative way to enable interactivity between the website visitors and the site owners. This means that a website visitor can directly get in touch with the company in case of a query, to gather details about a product/service etc.
  • Bookmark
    If a visitor likes some information on your site, he/she should be able to bookmark that particular page or may be bookmark your website for future reference. Also, your website visitors should be able to share that content on several platforms with the help of ‘Share With’ button.
  • Latest news
    Updating the latest news about your company, new products/services, upcoming event, launch of a new product line etc. is able to retain the interests of the prospects.
  • Images
    Adding images, illustrations, animation, Flash based elements and other such things, catches the attention of one and all.
  • Discussion forums
    Depending on which sector you operate, your business objectives and the kind of target audience you have; you can include discussion forums on your website. With the help of discussion forums, your website visitors can share their thoughts and views on subjects of their choice.
  • Other tools to attract visitors
    Other tools such as games, advertisements etc. keeps the visitors engaged. Social networking websites like: – Facebook allows its website visitors to play games, to advertise about themselves, their company, product/service etc.
  • Special offers
    Depending on the past purchase record, some website owners provide special offers, discounts etc. to their regular customers.
  • Grievances box
    Grievances/complaint box is an attempt to let the customers speak their mind. In this way, you provide a fair chance to all your customers to complaint against an unsatisfactory service, defected product, delayed delivery of the product/project etc. by just inserting name of the purchased item, receipt number and then filing the complaint.
  • Blog
    Writing blog posts is an effective way of providing useful information to the target audience. As and when you update your blog posts, those who are interested in your write ups will keep reverting to your website. To ensure regular traffic to your website, integrate a blog subscription form on your website.
  • Articles
    Article writing also aids in lead conversion as you can target the long tail key phrases in your articles. Short tail key words are targeted on all other pages of your website but long tail key phrases can be targeted here.

To sustain in this competitive world, it is necessary that the website owners invent new ways to engage the visitors to their website. The aforementioned are some of the useful tips that must be borne in mind to uphold the visitors’ interests.

-By Neha Gulati

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3 Responses to “How to engage visitors on your website?”

  1. Kira says:


    This is a great blog post, and everything you say above makes good sense, but I’d like to expand upon what you have said about a search box because – used correctly by capturing and analysing what your visitors are searching for – you can do a lot with it to understand what is in your visitors’ minds, and thus better address their needs.

    It’s all part of improving the quality of the information you provide to your visitors, engaging with them better, building a stronger relationship and thereby hopefully moving them through the sales funnel to the point where they feel confident enough in your expertise to make a purchase.


  2. The live chat box is an interesting idea, but does it really work?

    We have a small camping equipment shop and sell things online through our shopping cart website. Following the advice above, we’d be putting time and effort into adding a live chat box.

    The reality however is that, if it is indeed “live”, then somebody needs to be available to answer it in the same way they would a telephone. That requires presence/connection somewhere, and at that stage we may as well be answering the phone. With modern technology and virtual switchboards, we can redirect that destination as easily as anything else.

    My point here, Neha, is that different visitors wish to be engaged in different ways. And many of our visitors are not internet-literate. Indeed, many prefer to find whatever camping gear they want on our website, and then phone us to buy it rather than pay online. Either that, or they don’t want to use a card at all and prefer to send us a cheque and wait for it to clear.

    So in summary we endeavour to engage with visitors to our website (as you advise) but mostly by listening to them, understanding their needs, and then giving them what they want.

    I agree with much of what you say above, but hope this clarification will help a few people.

  3. Ava says:

    This is really very good information.i like this blog so much because i am seo and it is is very useful to the seo expert.

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