Heartbleed: A virus with its own logo!!

With Social media being a rage it is, it does not take for news to spread like wildfire, Internet has also given this phenomenon a name “going viral” (cute cats, baby videos and goof up videos of your favorite stars including).

Hence it came as no surprise when the newest Internet catastrophe to hit the world, was seen all over your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media.

What another virus??

This one comes with its own website: http://heartbleed.com/ and a cute logo (why, Do you ask? Well those who discovered this first wanted the awareness to “go viral” real quick and the cute logo, well that just helps in recall and awareness.)

Heart bleed virus what is it?

In most simplistic terms heart bleed is vulnerability or a loose end that has been and can be easily exploited to steal your passwords, information of your emails, Instant messengers (IM), Virtual private networks (VPN)

What can it lead to?

Cause it compromises the security layer over deemed secure connections SSL (Secure sockets layer) over TLS (transport layer security). It allows an attacker a window to be able to steal your data, snoop on your interactions online or even satirize you.

Not a good thing to deal with right? Especially if you are the “attackee” i.e.

Have you been compromised?

Your good friends here at Magnon International can run a few quick tests  and check if you have been spared the wrath or has your website/business fallen prey to those devious hackers and help you take corrective steps.

How can one remain unaffected?

While there is no 100% fool proof way against “Heartbleed” besides a diagnosis you could :

• Change your passwords (Its painful for most, but I will take it over stolen data any day)
• Ensure your passwords are at least 10 characters long
• 2 words “Alpha” “Numeric”- ensure all your passwords are.
• Mix it up: Numbers, alphabets and symbols (you love making those smileys don’t you!)
• Don’t be lazy and use your username as password neither have a one master password for all, remember while it might be easy for you to remember it is also for “Them” to crack it.

Buckle-up, be smart. Stay Heart bleed free.

–Amit Sinha

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