Email Marketing 2.0

The basic aim of every web marketer who uses the email marketing is to earn maximum Return on Investment (ROI). It is one of the easiest, quickest and economical mediums to enhance the growth of business.

It is observed that most of the email marketers waste a lot of their precious time thinking only about the things such as:-

  • The length of the email
  • Effective words that should not be considered SPAM
  • The most relevant time to shoot the email etc.

It is time to think beyond these things and use more efficient tactics of email marketing 2.0 for growth of your business.

Now, what is email marketing 2.0?

Well, email marketing 2.0 is basically an extension of the basic email marketing. The email marketing 2.0 uses the best opt-in list, CAN-SPAM compliance etc., combined with the appropriate content to give a touch of personalization to its users.

In other words, email marketing 2.0 is all about personalized emails, trust and sending relevant messages to the right people.

This can be done by:-

  • Automatic follow up
    Automate the process of sending the emails to a plethora of contacts.
  • Multi media campaign
    Launch multi media campaigns like sending a post card to the customers accompanied by an email to inform your contacts about an upcoming event, sending gifts and letters or may be a voice message to the new customers to thank them for buying your product or availing a service.
  • Use customer database (CRM) in your email marketing 2.0
    This technique helps you to extract the data that you might have gathered about all your contacts. It is the best alternative to the manual search of the contacts’ data.

Apart from all these methods, the email marketers should consider the following points in mind for a successful email marketing campaign:-

  • Send the email only to the interested target group
    Do not send the email to every person in your contact list. Analyze the interests of your target public depending on factors such as name, age, marital status, location, gender etc.
  • Stay in touch with your target group
    Once you convert a lead into a customer, make efforts to build long term relationships with such customers. Send email on a regular basis, send newsletters, offer them free reports and make all efforts to follow up with all your customers.
  • Use multi media along with the emails
    Make your customers feel wanted. Treat them in a way so that they find themselves very special. Send e-cards, discount coupons etc. to your customers so as to give them special treatment.

Therefore to conclude we can say that the concepts used in email marketing 2.0 can prove to be very helpful for the significant growth of your business.

-By Neha Gulati

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  1. Mason Parker says:

    Email marketing is quite effective in lead generation. i made a couple of affiliate sales by email marketing alone-;’

  2. mmorts says:

    You have a lot of talent and a flair for writing. This is quality information and writing. I haven’t found such great content in many months. You have hit on some valid points. Thank you. I will most definitely post a link to on my site.

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