How to improve the effectiveness of your call to action?

Call to action is essentially a clickable button which is used to entice the visitors to take immediate action like: ‘Quick Connect’, ‘Contact Us’ etc. Since these buttons urge the visitors to take some kind of an action, it is essential to integrate them on our website. To understand the importance of call to action buttons, you may read one of our previously written articles.

Every website (no matter how small or large it is) has a call to action button but the crux is to improve its effectiveness meet the desired objectives.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important considerations that can help you attain better results:-

    1. Size

    Choosing an appropriate size for your call to action button is indeed very important. We should neither use very large nor very small font size. Since call to action buttons are also used on newsletters, mailers, online brochures, blogs etc. so the size of these buttons should be in proportion to the dimensions of the page.

    Call to Action

    The highlighted call to action used in the ‘Quick Connect’ form in the screen shot above, is selected keeping in mind the dimensions of this form.

    2. Placement

    Your call to action button should not get juxtaposed with an image, a graphic or a text. Your call to action should be positioned where it can draw more attention.

    Try using static buttons which remains fixed even when you scroll a web page.

    Aimless placement like: in extreme corner or at a place where it is not noticeable can dilute the entire purpose.

    Call to Action

    The ‘Quick Connect’ button in this screen shot remains static even when we scroll the page.

    3. Keep it simple

    There is no standard rule for selecting the font style for writing the text on your call to action button. However, it is preferable to choose a style which is simple yet attractive. Using very jazzy or stylish fonts may not appeal to the users. Another factor is that you should know your target audience well.

    For example: if you are targeting children between the age group of 5-15, you may select fonts like- Arial Bold.

    Take a glance at the screen shot below. The use of simple font style is more readable.

    Call to Action

    4. Colors

    Every color is used to denote a specific meaning. For example: – Red color is used to signify confidence, passion etc. White color denotes truthfulness, purity etc.

    Proper analysis is done about the selection of colors while designing a website. (To know about the significance of colors in website designing, you may refer to an already published article on our blog.)

    Similarly, we should pay attention to what colors we want to use in our call to action buttons.

    Take for an instance: – the color of the text should not get merged with that of the background.

    Call to Action

    This screen shot explains the importance of colors while designing the call to action button for your website.

    5. Use of catchy words

    You can use a little pushy keywords like: – “Buy Now!”, “Call Us” etc. or more subtle words like: – “Read more”, “Know more”, “Continue” etc. depending on your requirements.

    Please see the screen shot below for reference:

    Call to Action

Hope the above mentioned information would prove useful to you. If you want a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of your call to action buttons, our sales representatives would be happy to help you.

-By Neha Gulati

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