Ecommerce in 2010…

Ever since the evolution, e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as more and more consumers are opting to purchase goods online. The trust and confidence of the customers in e-commerce has shot up to the extent that sales are increasing to around 11% each year.

On the flip side, we have also noticed that still there is a chunk of population that fear shopping online. It is observed that there are a number of people that discard their shopping carts before checkout. The basic reason is that the overall checkout experience is quite difficult.

Hence, it becomes very urgent for the online marketers to find out something out of the box. The following can be a few important points that need to be kept in mind:-

  • Say Yes to Social Networking

    Social networking sites have become a part of our every day’s life. Whether a consumer or a marketer, everybody prefers to socialize this way. And, thus it is a wake-up call for the marketers to evolve and adopt different strategies and find out innovative ideas to convert every potential public to a loyal customer.

  • Bringing the Reel Life to the door-step of the Real Life

    Doing comparison shopping is possible only because of the e-commerce industry. Since 2010 calls for something special, effective use of audio, video and images can really boost up your online sales.Thus, producing interactive product catalogues is nothing beyond our imagination.

  • The age of the smart phones combined with geo location technology

    In a survey conducted, it is observed that a large number of customers have done their Christmas shopping online with the help of their smart phones like the iPhones and the BlackBerries.The age group of 18-29 being the most tech savvy has used their mobile devices for the internet shopping.This was complimented by the geo location technology which allows the marketers to target the customers by connecting with them from their specific position.This implies, only creating an iPhone app extension of your website brand is not the solution but entering the real battle ground and competing with the thousands of other apps is the real challenge.

  • E-commerce with a tinge of Entertainment

    The online sales made on the Christmas Day are approximately £9.5m, up 17% from 2008.This means that the marketers will have to induct different ways to make the e-commerce experience more interesting and entertaining for their customers.The use of good quality and appealing videos can be one such example.

  • Effective use of Data

    The year 2010 requires the marketers to be more agile and efficient in terms of the data that they are using to entice the customers. Efforts should be made to involve the customers as much as possible whether on one’s own website or on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Therefore, the marketers have to be more proficient and competent in 2010 to improve their sales through e-commerce.

-By Neha Gulati

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