Do I need a microsite or multiple domains?

Every business whether big or small has a web presence nowadays. Often it is noticed that the web marketers get confused when to get a microsite designed, whether or not to get multiple domain names for their primary website or when to promote about something specific in the company’s main website?

As the name suggests, microsite is a mini website meant to support the main website.


The basic purpose of creating a microsite is that you can provide detailed information about a product or a service that may not be present in the content page of the website.

Benefits and Use

  • Using specific keywords in the microsites can help you promoting your website on search engines.
  • The microsites can also be used to carry the PPC campaigns as you can focus on a particular product or service.
  • If a company has a website developed in English language and in order to expand its market, it decides to reach out to the potential target speaking a language other than English, then that company can compile all the important details of their main website in a few pages in the form of microsite. Company can develop a microsite in different languages for example Spanish, Italian, French, etc. These pages would be linked to the home page of the main website.

Multiple domains

Hosting of many websites on one account only is known as multiple domain hosting.


The web marketers purchase several domain names by paying a single time fees to the web hosting companies. The main aim is to have different domain names for each of the microsite created by you. The reason behind this is that the microsites are able to attract more users followed by more sales.

Benefits and Use

  • There is only one time investment.
  • Multiple domains like .uk, .com, etc. help you to market your goods or services in the specific countries where you want to expand your business.

Single website

The third option is to develop a single website which is your prime website. Here, you can add a few pages giving an in depth information about the new products, services etc.


By designing a single website, you will be able to attract the quality traffic on your main website.

Benefits and Use

  • The more links that you’ll have in your main website, the more helpful it will be, in terms of the search engine rankings.
  • You can add a few pages describing the USPs of your products and services, details about the country specific products or services etc.

Therefore, depending upon your budget and the requirement you can create microsites or purchase several domain names or you can even endorse about the area specific products/services on the main website of your company.

-By Neha Gulati

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