What can we learn from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing
All these years we’ve been using words, pictures, gestures, graphics and animations to present ourselves better in front of our clients. A number of mediums of communication like: radio, TV, newspapers, journals, websites, social networking sites- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. help us endorse our products/services more effectively. Have we ever wondered about the lessons that the online medium can teach us?

Yes, you’ve read it right… The whole process of digital marketing can teach us the art of communication viz. the way we approach our target audience, understand their requirements, listen to their problems and offer them a customized solution.

Let’s understand, how…

    1. Enhance your communication

    Web marketers invest a lot of time and money to design a website. It entails extensive planning and dedication to place the right elements at the right place but do we really try to learn something from our websites? No, not exactly.

    Why? May be because, we never tried to think in that direction.

    We all know that a consultative approach is adopted while writing the content for a website. Marketers always try to cater to the needs of their target audience by offering a customized solution in the form of a product, service or a piece of useful information.

    If we adopt the similar approach while communicating with our prospects, we can promote our brand better. In essence, become a good listener, take a note of the problem that your prospect is facing and then be ready with a valid solution to the problem. It is not expected that you always have a solution to everyone’s needs but you can at least reach the periphery.

    2. Importance of 140 characters

    140 characters a.k.a. ‘micro blogging’ has become a common trend nowadays. Twitter, as a social networking website teaches us to learn the value of time.

    How?  Let’s begin…

    A consumer is bombarded with a number of advertisements of different products and services; therefore it often becomes difficult for them to make a wise choice. More than that, it also becomes difficult for the marketers to stay ahead of their competitors.

    The crux is to draft a meaningful message, using as less words as possible. Twitter can certainly help the marketers learn the value of time and yet speak their mind in a clear and crisp manner.
    The use of hashtags (#), mentions (@) etc. can help you communicate and promote your brand well on Twitter.

    3. Understand whom you are talking to

    It is essential to understand the demography, geography and psyche of your target audience. Social media engagement through Facebook teaches us to respect the opinions of your target audience and reach out to your prospects accordingly.

    Whether you are organizing an event, updating a status, creating a poll, participating in a discussion; everything should be customized and time-lined as per the age group, interests etc. of your prospects. Facebook also asks for an approval if a person posts something on another person’s wall, mentions someone on their status update, tags a person’s picture etc.

    This helps us understand the importance of writing original content, seeking permission of those whose information or image you are about to use, writing the source of information etc.

    Don’t end up increasing your ‘likes’ count rather try and monetize it. Same way, don’t end up having a one-way communication; alter your presentation style according to the requirements of your prospects.

    4. Seeing is believing

    Just try and compare the effectiveness or the result achieved when you interact with your client/s on a video chat or chat through text. I am sure, there would have been more client satisfaction through video chat. This is because human touch still holds more relevance especially if you are located across the borders.

    Video optimization too can help you have a humane touch that would aid in building healthy relations with your clients, partners and prospects. This works very well if you are pitching a prospect for the first time; you can introduce your prospect with your team and show your office premises to add a personal touch.

    5. Approach in a style

    It is observed that logical appeal is more powerful than the emotional appeal. Give some food for thought to your prospects. Entice them to think about you, enquire about your products/services etc. For example: – direct selling through advertisements is paid less attention than approaching your target group differently.

    Give your prospects a chance to think and react. Games, engaging status updates, polls, online quiz, thought provoking discussions etc. allows the people to invest some time and take the necessary call.

    In other words, if your target audience likes your page and participate in discussions and other activities, they’ll be pleased to spread a positive word around.

If you are really aiming for long term business relations, provide something out-of-the-box to your prospects.

The information mentioned above may not appear anything new to you, but how many times have we tried to learn from the activities we do on the internet? This is just a tribute to the wonderful world of digital marketing..!

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-By Neha Gulati

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