Influence of customer advocacy in online marketing

Customer Advocacy

Have you ever revamped your products/services to suit your customers’ preference?

Did you re-design your home page to catch the eye of your visitors?

Do you search for innovative ways to communicate with your customers?

If yes, then it will be important to understand why you do so?

Well, the answer is very simple. It is all done to please and engage the customers. Right from designing, packaging, presenting, pricing, to delivering the product or providing a service; everything is done to satisfy the customers, leading to improved sales- a concept known as customer advocacy.

Customer advocacy is essentially an approach wherein all customer centric activities are used to get a positive feedback by converting every customer into a brand ambassador or an advocate of the company.

Several factors such as: – rising market competition, availability of zillions of products/services, globalization of markets.. makes it even difficult for the web marketers to hold the interest of their customers. It is hence very important to give a personalized solution to their problems and create an aura where the customers feel pampered and are encouraged to partner with your brand. A satisfied customer often acts as a referral which inherently means he/she becomes your brand ambassador or an advocate.

It is an age old saying that customer referrals are the best way to promote your brand. In modern context this is referred to as customer advocacy where efforts are made to transform the customers into brand advocates

How do we do that?

We all have been using online marketing platform like: – blogs, discussion forums, review sites, social networking websites comprising of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to promote ourselves, to establish a strong online reputation and to engage our target audience per say.

Now let’s start using the same medium of communication to have more brand advocates.

Take for an instance:-

You are a leading shoe manufacturer and every time when a customer purchases a shoe from any of your stores, you send a personalized text message or perhaps an e-mail to seek your customer’s feedback. You can also use your Facebook ‘like’ button and share option to let your customers spread a positive word around.

So far we have been using the social media to enhance our web presence and to build healthy relations with our customers and prospects, now it’s the time to capitalize your earnest efforts.

In a nut shell we can say that customer satisfaction is crucial for the smooth functioning of any business. Hence, customer advocacy is one area where businesses must emphasize.

Let our web experts provide you a customized plan to enrich the online marketing of your business.

-By Neha Gulati

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