Checklist for a better Search Engine Optimization of your website

Checklist for SEO

We have discussed about the basic SEO techniques in our last post (, in this article we’ll provide a checklist of various SEO techniques that directly or indirectly affect the search engine rankings of a website:-


1. Title tag

Use the primary keyword of the page as the title tag.
Benefit: It is the title tag of the page that appears in the search results when a user types that keyword in the search bar.

2. Headline

Keyword used in the URL of the page must be included in the headline as well.
Benefit: This is essentially done for the benefit of the users and the search engines.

3. Page URL

It is important to use your primary keyword in the URL of your web page. For example:-
If your primary keyword is web designing, then the URL of your page must be-
The basic aim of doing this is to catch the attention of the web spiders. If the same keyword is included in the URL, headline, title and the text; this increases the overall keyword density of the web page and thus, increase the chances of earning a good page rank.

4. Keyword density of your web page

Keyword density is the total number of times a keyword appears in a document or a web page. It is important to use the keywords in proportion to the total number of words used; else it would be regarded as keyword stuffing.
Benefit: Search engine crawlers give preference to the keywords when it appears a couple of times in the text. This would help you improve the page rank of your website. However, excessive use of keywords is against the Google webmaster guidelines.

5. Anchor text

Anchor text is essentially a keyword that is hyperlinked with a related URL. It can be used to promote the keyword and the URL of the page with which you link that keyword. For example: – if your primary keyword is- Mobile Website Design, it should be linked to the page where it is used in the URL-
Benefit: Anchor text not only improves the page rank of your website by promoting your keyword but it also helps you  promote the web page with which you’ve linked your keyword with.


1. Backlinks

Backlink is a link earned when a website places the link of your site on their website. The website that links your site should have a relatively good page rank.
Benefit: Sites with a higher PR get trusted by the search engines.

2. Anchor text used in the backlinks

A lot of importance is given to the links that incorporates a keyword in the anchor text. So try and include a keyword in the anchor text.
Benefit: Even the backlinks should have an anchor text which again attracts the web spiders.

3. Similar sites

Search engines give preference to the links earned from the websites working in the similar domain.
Benefit: This helps you earn more votes as the people doing the similar kind of business recommend or like your site.

4. Links from the most valuable domains

.gov and .edu are regarded as the most trusted and valuable domains by the search engines. Visitors count on these domains is generally high which would certainly benefit the search engine ranking of your website. Though it is difficult to obtain links from such domains but in case you have done it, you’ve surely hit a jackpot.
Benefit: Since these sites are owned by the government of a country so these domains happen to get a lot of direct traffic which certainly improves the page ranks.

Other important factors:

1. Sitemap

An updated sitemap helps the search engine crawlers to index your website well.
Benefit: It becomes simpler for the search engines to index your website.

2. Age of the website

Search engines spiders favor the websites that have been in existence since a long time.
Benefit: Search engines give more weightage to the websites that are not new since have a good online reputation.

3. Theme used

The theme you’ve selected must complement your business which can help you boost your page rank.
Benefit: Colors, designs and the overall structure of your website must match your business aesthetics, values, products, services etc.

4. Specific domains

It is always advisable to have separate domains to target specific regions. For example: – if you want to target the people in the UK, then you should have a separate domain to reach out to your prospects in the UK; like-
Benefit: There are region specific URLs which helps you target your prospects better as well as get noticed by the search engines with ease. To cite an example:- For the web users in the UK, is a server that opens by default.

5. File location

Files that placed close to the root file obtain better page ranks. Moving further away from level 3 may not work in your favor. For example:
Benefit: Search engines do not index the files that that go beyond 2 or 3 levels.

6. Use of hyphens

It is preferable to use hyphens in the URLs so as to make it readable. For example: –
Benefit: It improves the readability of the URL.

These are some of the most important SEO techniques that can boost your search engine rankings.

For further assistance, contact our SEO experts who would be able to draft a customized SEO plan for your business.

-By Neha Gulati

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  1. admin says:

    Your SEO checklist is the most concise and complete I’ve seen out there! Bravo to your practicality!

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    Great article, I will share it too

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