Check these before re-launching your website

Keeping your website updated and re-launching your website are two different features of attracting more and more visitors. In our previous posting, we gave you an insight on the various facets of updating your website. Now we are here to discuss a checklist before you re-launch your website. Chase them and make your renewed website free from errors.

Verify your website’s compatibility

For better usability, your site needs to be multi-browser compatible. In other words, it should have the same experience when run on different browsers (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape, etc.) Why not check for yourself if your newly re-launched website runs fine on all possible browsers?

Is the favicon there?

A favicon and a logo represent the brand identity of your company or organization. It is necessary to make sure that whenever the URL of your site comes on any browser, or when someone opens multiple windows, the favicon appears. The visibility of your favicon can make a whole lot of difference to the branding of your products or services.

Is Analytics code important on every page?

Google Analytics is one of the best ways of monitoring the activity on your website. You can read about the benefits of Google Analytics on our previous post:

Do your site visitors get repulsed very often?

In order to determine how your site visitors react to your newly constructed site, keeping a track on the bounce rates can be helpful. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who move away to different sites, rather than continue on other pages within your site. After undergoing so many changes in your site, there are possibilities for a striking change in the bounce rates as well. If the bounce rates go down on certain pages, make sure that the other areas of the site follow the same norms.

Why make your visitors wait?

In order to reduce the loading time of the website, the images embedded need to be optimized for quick downloading. So it is important to lessen the resolution of large images without distorting them because images with less resolution take less time for downloading. Also, if the downloading does not take time, it makes the search engine crawlers’ work easy. Making your visitors wait means abandoning them from your site!

Full and final testing

While re-making your website, it must have undergone innumerable changes. These changes could be anything – starting from a negligible one such as minor content changes, grammatical errors, placing of images, etc. to applying new functionality which can be significant additions. Moreover, it cannot be more irritating for a visitor to find errors in a fresh site. A full end to end test just before making your re-launched site go live could always help and benefit.

We might have missed out some points. Please help us to find out what they might be…

By: Shabana

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4 Responses to “Check these before re-launching your website”

  1. Lucy P. says:

    I was finally able to get a favicon on my site thanks to this article. I don’t think I’ll be using the other tips. It should also include meta tags, weekly updated content, and a design layout that flows.

  2. admin says:

    Brilliant! Thanks Roberta.. Would be nice to have more people get this information.

  3. admin says:

    Its the icon of the company logo or sign which appears besides the URL within the Browser. See for more on this.

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