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Moving towards Web 3.0

I was hosting a dinner party the other day and was surfing through various online recipe sites for vegetarian delectables, perfect for a pleasant February evening and serves Indian tastes. Too many parameters even for the most intelligent search engine? Well, after several tedious attempts, I did manage my way through the deluge of information […]

SWOT analysis of the web presence of a brand from customers’ point-of-view

Marketers spend a lot of time and effort in doing the SWOT analysis of their marketing strategy, products/services and their brand as a whole. (To understand the meaning and importance of SWOT analysis, please refer one of our previous posts- They all think what their customers think and perceive about them. However, customer thought […]

Is it possible to test a social media campaign?

This article falls last in the series of how to test an online marketing campaign which includes testing a SEO campaign, PPC campaign and a social media campaign but first try and understand what social media exactly means? Social media is all about interaction, engagement, conversation and networking forming a social cloud. It uses Web […]

Testing the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign

As we know that PPC ads are meant to provide instant results to the web marketers, but on the contrary we need to shell out some amount of cash for every click that we receive on our PPC ads. As a web marketer you may not mind spending some extra amount but what would you […]

Can I run an online campaign to test my SEO strategy?

Well, the answer is an obvious yes. As already mentioned in our last post wherein we tried to give you a fair idea of the importance of online test marketing campaign to enhance your web presence. This article is an effort to provide an in-depth description of how to run a test marketing campaign for […]

Test your online marketing campaign first…

Marketers have been doing test campaigns for their off line marketing activities for ages now, but on the web, we have all been planning on long term strategies right from day one. But for some reason, we have never really understood why we don’t do a test marketing campaign for our web presence. Understanding the […]

SWOT analysis of my web presence: 12 most prominent questions..!

A SWOT analysis is most often done for the business, the model and its effectiveness. However, a lot of people do not realize the importance of doing one for their web presence – it is equally important to understand the strengths of your web presence, the threats it faces, the weaknesses so they can be […]