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Before revamping a website

It is your first platform in the online space, your first interface with your consumers and one of your most potent marketing tools. So what happens when your website fails to establish the connect and communicate your message? It limps your growth story, damages your brand and repulses your consumer. It isn’t deadly and beyond […]

On what parameters do you choose a value sourcing firm?

Due to the advent of the internet there has been a sudden boom in the demand of value sourcing firms, better known as outsourcing firms earlier. Outsourcing essentially means handing over the entire or a part of your business function to an external body. This enables the company to concentrate on other important areas of […]

All you would like to know about Lead Generation!

Lead Generation is essentially an effort to increase the number of people enquiring about your organization and/or the products & services. These can be prospects for customers, business alliances, prospective team members or employees or even people who are just interested in staying in touch and updated, depends on what you are capturing and the […]

Check these before re-launching your website

Keeping your website updated and re-launching your website are two different features of attracting more and more visitors. In our previous posting, we gave you an insight on the various facets of updating your website. Now we are here to discuss a checklist before you re-launch your website. Chase them and make your renewed website […]

Why is it necessary to maintain and update your website?

Variety is the spice of life – this is a renowned saying and it can be associated with your websites as well. When it comes to your website, adapt to everything that is latest with a blend of innovation and creativity. This not only makes you ahead of your competitors, but keeps your website well […]

Overcoming some commonly experienced problems with outsourcing web design and development needs.. Here are Some best practices and tips to follow to get thing right in the first go and save the ever precious $$$!

Off-shore business is grabbing grounds gradually and companies are in fact saving on the bottom line by cutting costs. However there are few issues that are most often faced while getting services accomplished from a service provider or agency which is across shores. Here are some handy tips the areas which can be improved upon […]

What are Single A, AA and AAA conformances? WCA Guidelines Simplified!

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps the Web Content Developers and the Authoring Tools Developers to make the Web Content more accessible to a wide range of people. As different devices are used for accessing Web Content (e.g. computer browsers, voice browsers, mobile devices etc.), surroundings and Operating System also differ from user to […]