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Is it a tough job to convert a visitor to a potential customer?

Increasing the traffic inflow to your site is not enough. However good your products or services might be, they are worthless if you are not able to sell them powerfully through your website. If you are still confused about the right tactics in doing the same, check this out:

E-commerce website proprietors..beware of E-mystery shoppers!!

In this age of digital world, it is the e-factor that attracts everyone. Almost every person on this earth has a fascination for shopping, and making business out of this enthrallment is definitely a smart job to do. Hence E-commerce! And if one earns from shopping, it can add to this appeal. Hence, E-mystery shopping..!!

How important is content for engaging your customer base online? There is a belief that the internet is already becoming a junkyard of information and one on the contrary that Content is still King!

Being quite a diplomat I would still believe in both these schools of thoughts being right in their thinking. Am however more inclined to the latter of content still being King. The thought process is based on some of the following tenets :-