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Before revamping a website

It is your first platform in the online space, your first interface with your consumers and one of your most potent marketing tools. So what happens when your website fails to establish the connect and communicate your message? It limps your growth story, damages your brand and repulses your consumer. It isn’t deadly and beyond […]

Responsive Web Designing

Technology is ever evolving. It wasn’t long ago that the mobile had revolutionized the entire market. In a span of a few years, we have netbooks and touch screen tablets, apart from desktops, laptops and mobile. And while we were busy creating websites for audience owing these devices, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive web […]

Are you following the f-shaped pattern for your website?

We have already discussed about the types of landing page, today we shall put some light on the arrangement of the web pages in general, but let us do some recap. While creating a new website or probably re-designing it, it is crucial to keep your target group’s interest in mind. Designing a website is […]

Web design for mobile devices…

There has been a recent advent of several modern gadgets and smartphones like iPads, iPhones etc. and the demand for mobile based websites like iPhone web design etc. is growing… Let’s have a quick glance at some of the recent findings and why we need a mobile friendly site: There are approximately over 700 million […]

Key Pointers- for a good homepage design

The first thing a user would see when he/she opens up any URL is the homepage of a website. Whether the user further navigates into the site or closes the page depends largely on the kind of a homepage the site has. Of course, this does not refer to those users who have landed on […]

Significance of colors in website designing…

We all agree that the nature is full of colors and the human eye is accustomed to watching different natural colors ever since the time of birth. Similarly, the sensible use of colors in websites catches the attention of the target public. Every individual has a distinct personality; likewise every website is unique in its […]

Check these before re-launching your website

Keeping your website updated and re-launching your website are two different features of attracting more and more visitors. In our previous posting, we gave you an insight on the various facets of updating your website. Now we are here to discuss a checklist before you re-launch your website. Chase them and make your renewed website […]

Why is it necessary to maintain and update your website?

Variety is the spice of life – this is a renowned saying and it can be associated with your websites as well. When it comes to your website, adapt to everything that is latest with a blend of innovation and creativity. This not only makes you ahead of your competitors, but keeps your website well […]