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UI – The Key of Successful Online Campaign

The face – The Interaction – The Engagement – It’s all about UI. OK. So you have an ecommerce website, up and running, no bugs, working seamlessly on the desktop and the mobile, amazing products, at absolutely mind blowing prices – and yet no one is buying! Does that sound worrying? I am sure it […]

Busting the Insistent SEO Myths

SEO or Search engine optimization is often treated as a hit-and-trial experiment with no set standards. Every search engine has an algorithm of its own. Such algorithms decide which websites or web pages are good enough to be ranked higher than others. It is accepted lately that the search engines like Google and Bing have […]

Responsive Web Designing

Technology is ever evolving. It wasn’t long ago that the mobile had revolutionized the entire market. In a span of a few years, we have netbooks and touch screen tablets, apart from desktops, laptops and mobile. And while we were busy creating websites for audience owing these devices, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive web […]

The Big Bing Theory !!

Microsoft has recently introduced a revamped version of Bing. This hasn’t really caught on a trend yet, but going by its fresh approach and bold marketing campaign “” Microsoft is certainly trying pull Bing out of the image it had for the past so many years. This new version is perhaps the biggest revamp since […]

On what parameters do you choose a value sourcing firm?

Due to the advent of the internet there has been a sudden boom in the demand of value sourcing firms, better known as outsourcing firms earlier. Outsourcing essentially means handing over the entire or a part of your business function to an external body. This enables the company to concentrate on other important areas of […]