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Google Plus – The Business Promotion Platform

Google Loves it’s baby…. It’s not just another social network… Google has added a social layer across the services we live with on a day to day basis. Google+ with more than 540 Million users is gradually becoming one of the most active social networking platforms. With Hangout Feature, Targeted Communities and search engine integration, […]

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Social Media is a medium through which people engage with each other. It’s a fact that a business can never flourish if the marketer doesn’t engage with its targeted clients or audience. Well Social Media is the perfect solution to connect with people and promote any business. A Facebook Business Page not only helps us […]

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Does your website adhere to the guidelines that have been set post the Google Hummingbird update? If not, then you need to do something about it as this is going to impact your website rankings on search engines. This new update will definitely affect the website and its positioning on Google, the most popular search […]

Need for a Social Media Policy

Remember Dominos Pizza’s Christy and Micheal who posted a stomach-turning video of things they did with the toppings? However dumb it may sound now, they certainly were not the first ones to use social media to highlight their doings. Today, a camera and an internet link is all that one needs to post anything online […]

Should Pinterest interest you?

It is the new boy on the block and has in no time become a darling of the netizens. Managing to create a space for itself amongst the biggies of the domain- Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Pinterest is currently holding a user base of 10 million active users (and it is still growing). But is […]

Is Facebook advertising still worth it?

When I read that General Motors, the US automobile giant, was pulling out of Facebook advertising, I wasn’t sure the kind of drift this event would set. GM was quoted saying that the FB advertising was not really working for it. Would organizations, marketing heads and brand managers re-look at their budget allocations shelled out […]

Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO..

Organizing an event, or conducting a webinar, or launching a new product, or participating in an exhibition… social media is by far the fastest and an intimate medium to spread a message across numerous prospects with just a simple click. Not only the businesses but the consumers also enjoy connecting with their favorite brand/s on […]

Important tips to manage the social media profiles…

Social media marketing is a growing trend nowadays. Hence, not only individuals but the companies also manage their social media profiles to keep in touch with their clients as well as their fans. It is important for the web marketers to be on their toes to manage all their social networks and therefore to design […]

Social Influence Marketing…

As we all know that Internet is the widely used medium to reach the target public, the web marketers keep inventing innovative ways or tactics to convert a potential customer into a regular customer of the company. Social Influence Marketing is one of the latest methods that online marketers are using to grab more and […]

ROI from Social Media Optimization

Calculating ROI for SMO: You would notice that we have been speaking and writing about Social Media Optimisation, its importance in the present business scenario, how to go about it etc. But we have not addressed some of the most important questions that crop up in the minds of a marketer; how do I calculate […]