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Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO..

Organizing an event, or conducting a webinar, or launching a new product, or participating in an exhibition… social media is by far the fastest and an intimate medium to spread a message across numerous prospects with just a simple click. Not only the businesses but the consumers also enjoy connecting with their favorite brand/s on [...]

Useful image optimization techniques…

A complete text based document vis-à-vis a document with pleasing images and graphics that beautifully supports the text- which one would you prefer? Of course the second one. Why? Because every image has something to express. Despite being a non-spoken form of communication, images can better support the text and can increase the site traffic. [...]

How to stabilize the bounce rate of a website?


Reducing the bounce rate of a website has always been one of the primary concerns of every website owner. Hence, efforts are poured in to stabilize the bounce rate.

Can I run an online campaign to test my SEO strategy?

Well, the answer is an obvious yes. As already mentioned in our last post wherein we tried to give you a fair idea of the importance of online test marketing campaign to enhance your web presence. This article is an effort to provide an in-depth description of how to run a test marketing campaign for [...]

So, what is your online reputation management strategy?

Have you ever noticed some negative reviews about yourself on the web…? You are a business and doing rather well for yourself. Your clients are also satisfied with you, and everything seems to be doing fine. Then suddenly you notice that someone has posted some negative comments about you/your company on the internet. What do [...]

How to manage PPC campaigns effectively?

So far we have learned about the essentials of a successful AdWords campaign, today we would be learning about some of the important tools to make your Google AdWord/PPC campaign more effective. There are a number of tools that you can use to optimize your PPC ads viz.:-

One way link building- boon or a bane?

It is a known fact that link exchange is a successful direct marketing tool that aids in improving the organic search engine rankings of a website, often people get confused whether to opt for a one way link exchange or reciprocal link exchange program. Here we try and dwell deeper into what one way links [...]

How to reduce the bounce rate of my website?

Attracting user traffic is the first step towards lead conversion. And calculating the bounce rate of a website is one of the most important metrics to analyze its effectiveness. So, what is a bounce rate? Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitor/s who navigates away from the website. It is a calculation of [...]

301 Redirect

Technology keeps changing with the each passing day. Something that is a buzz word today might become obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, websites too face this problem of getting obsolete when new and better technology steps in. In such a situation, the best option is to replace the existing site or the current web pages with the [...]

How do I evaluate SEO/SEM consultants?

Every SEO/SEM person says my site is not optimized and that they can work wonders for me. How do I tell one from another? This is obviously a very relevant question you ask. With loads of companies offering (or claiming to offer) guaranteed results, it becomes very difficult to choose the right SEO/SEM consultant. Let [...]