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How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? If your visitors are not hanging around your website then of course there is a serious loop hole to work on. This loop hole is actually the bounce rate of your website when visitors leave your page either finding design and usability issue or when they find the needed information on […]

Secured Websites – Higher Rankings

The security of users’ system is the new concern for Google. Yes, Google has updated its algorithm once again and this time it is targeting the security measures for websites. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is now one of the parameters on which Google will measure your website. HTTPS encrypts the information between a site […]

Busting the Insistent SEO Myths

SEO or Search engine optimization is often treated as a hit-and-trial experiment with no set standards. Every search engine has an algorithm of its own. Such algorithms decide which websites or web pages are good enough to be ranked higher than others. It is accepted lately that the search engines like Google and Bing have […]

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Does your website adhere to the guidelines that have been set post the Google Hummingbird update? If not, then you need to do something about it as this is going to impact your website rankings on search engines. This new update will definitely affect the website and its positioning on Google, the most popular search […]

The Big Bing Theory !!

Microsoft has recently introduced a revamped version of Bing. This hasn’t really caught on a trend yet, but going by its fresh approach and bold marketing campaign “” Microsoft is certainly trying pull Bing out of the image it had for the past so many years. This new version is perhaps the biggest revamp since […]

Adapting to Penguin Panda Rollout

Just when you thought that your SEO rankings were seeing the light of the day, Google announced its two new updates – Penguin and Panda. Panda update is just a revision of the last one. The penguin update can still whack hard. Future “Penguin update” will perhaps give more jolts in the coming months. Frankly, […]

SEO Misnomers – you thought this was always accepted!

SEO Misnomers

We have discussed several things in the past; including good and bad SEO practices. However, there are several things that are usually accepted techniques as part of the “white hat SEO” but, these are major misnomers. We thought to bring these out more evidently, and prevent you from hampering the search engine rankings of your […]

Checklist for a better Search Engine Optimization of your website

We have discussed about the basic SEO techniques in our last post (, in this article we’ll provide a checklist of various SEO techniques that directly or indirectly affect the search engine rankings of a website:- Keywords: 1. Title tag Use the primary keyword of the page as the title tag. Benefit: It is the […]

What kind of SEO techniques do you use?

Are you using the right SEO techniques? Is your website ranking well on Google? If not, what could be the probable reason behind this? Perhaps your website is not optimized well. It is always recommended to follow the guidelines as laid down by Google so that the search giant can index and rank your website […]

SEO or PPC- Which one to go for?

In the current scenario of cut-throat competition, it is essential to overshadow your competitors, to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends and stay on the top of all search results. Hence, you need to pay a lot of attention while drafting the search engine marketing plan of your website. A number of website owners […]