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Heartbleed: A virus with its own logo!!

With Social media being a rage it is, it does not take for news to spread like wildfire, Internet has also given this phenomenon a name “going viral” (cute cats, baby videos and goof up videos of your favorite stars including). Hence it came as no surprise when the newest Internet catastrophe to hit the […]

Moving towards Web 3.0

I was hosting a dinner party the other day and was surfing through various online recipe sites for vegetarian delectables, perfect for a pleasant February evening and serves Indian tastes. Too many parameters even for the most intelligent search engine? Well, after several tedious attempts, I did manage my way through the deluge of information […]

Personalizing or Customizing the Web?

The interactive and dynamic nature of the web has been able to diminish the communication gap between a marketer and the end customer. This is the age when the customers can give their feedback to the marketers and can expect an instant reply in return. Recently, I was just learning about the different approaches used […]