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Use abandoned shopping carts to improve your online sales…!

Increase your online sales from an abandoned shopping cart – sounds like a wish come true, right? In this article, we will ponder on the reasons why often prospects add products to their online shopping cart, but do not go through with the complete purchase, and also gather ideas of we can use this data […]

Web design for mobile devices…

There has been a recent advent of several modern gadgets and smartphones like iPads, iPhones etc. and the demand for mobile based websites like iPhone web design etc. is growing… Let’s have a quick glance at some of the recent findings and why we need a mobile friendly site: There are approximately over 700 million […]

The Internet Shopping Carts

A shopping cart is basically a software application that runs on the web server. It has interlinking within the website to make your e-commerce easy. The payment is made either through their PayPal, credit cards or other modes of payment. The amount, the taxes and the shipping rates gets automatically totalled. Also, interlinking within the […]

Ecommerce in 2010…

Ever since the evolution, e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as more and more consumers are opting to purchase goods online. The trust and confidence of the customers in e-commerce has shot up to the extent that sales are increasing to around 11% each year. On the flip side, we have also noticed that still there […]

For safer Online Payments, use 3D Secure Protocol

Do you fear charge backs, or fraud or any criminal activity occurring on your site? Or as a user, do you fear your card information being misused by someone else? To counter several concerns over online shopping, companies like Mastercard and Visa have introduced a new measure in online shopping security: the 3D Secure system.

Time to re-charge ourselves with Online Holiday Shopping

It’s time to get rid of the mundane life’s routine, get groovy and be prepared for the real fun, music, party and leisure activities. Holiday is the time to revive ourselves and enjoy with our family and friends. It’s the best part in everyone’s life to completely forget all our worries. There is a lot […]

With Web Analytics..keep a check on the traffic to your website!

Web Analytics is such a tool that would tell you about the usage of your website from measurement, analysis, reporting, down to the last specifics of optimizing web usage. This tool not only gives you numeric data, but also shows the graphical representation of the same, which helps you understand and improve website traffic to […]