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How to improve the effectiveness of your call to action?

Call to action is essentially a clickable button which is used to entice the visitors to take immediate action like: ‘Quick Connect’, ‘Contact Us’ etc. Since these buttons urge the visitors to take some kind of an action, it is essential to integrate them on our website. To understand the importance of call to action buttons, you […]

The what and how about ‘Call to Action’…

An important aspect of a successful website is the interest it generates in the reader and the subsequent action the user takes on the site. The action could be varied, from browsing further into the site, or submitting his/her information, or buying products from the site… actions can be many. What do you get the […]

Time to think beyond the common SEO techniques

It is observed that till date the Internet marketers incorporate those key words or phrase that is most searched on the web. This is basically done to improve the website ranking on all the search engines. But now it is the time when we must include those SEO techniques that are beyond using the most […]

Top social media trends in 2010…

The advent of social media has brought infinite number of avenues for the businesses to build more contacts in order to boost up their sales and create more brand awareness. In simple words this means that the business entrepreneurs applied this formula-

WordPress’s MyReviewPlugin is out now!!!

WordPress is a publishing area that allows the publisher to manage and have full control on his posts. This means that the publisher has total control over his weblog. Also, it can be installed on your personal systems and even on the Intranet. It comes up with a lot of features such as widgets, SEO, […]

All you would like to know about Lead Generation!

Lead Generation is essentially an effort to increase the number of people enquiring about your organization and/or the products & services. These can be prospects for customers, business alliances, prospective team members or employees or even people who are just interested in staying in touch and updated, depends on what you are capturing and the […]