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Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO..

Organizing an event, or conducting a webinar, or launching a new product, or participating in an exhibition… social media is by far the fastest and an intimate medium to spread a message across numerous prospects with just a simple click. Not only the businesses but the consumers also enjoy connecting with their favorite brand/s on [...]

Ways of doing online Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Marketers have been spending huge sums of money on advertising, publicity and promotion of their businesses but nothing can challenge the effectiveness of the word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been prevalent since ages- from town criers, to storytellers, to street plays, to product reviews, to social networks, to blogs; mouth publicity plays a major role [...]

Manual Link Building – This is what you need. Remember to read the fine Print!

I recently came across this service provider in the West Coast of the US offering a Link Building service 250 Directory Submissions, 50 Article Submissions and 50 Social Bookmarks at a $ 50 per month fee! I was a little intrigued by the service offering as we offer similar services and charge a much higher [...]

What is the importance of designing a FBML Page?

Let’s start with some highlights of Facebook, and the pace with which it is being used: 500 million or more active users across the world. Approximately 700 billion minutes spent per month by the users. 200 million or more active users using Facebook on their mobile phones. 200+ mobile operators in 60 countries that endorse [...]

Is it possible to test a social media campaign?

This article falls last in the series of how to test an online marketing campaign which includes testing a SEO campaign, PPC campaign and a social media campaign but first try and understand what social media exactly means? Social media is all about interaction, engagement, conversation and networking forming a social cloud. It uses Web [...]

Testing the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign

As we know that PPC ads are meant to provide instant results to the web marketers, but on the contrary we need to shell out some amount of cash for every click that we receive on our PPC ads. As a web marketer you may not mind spending some extra amount but what would you [...]

Online Presence Strategy for Startups…

There is an element of fear and risk attached when planning to start a new business. No matter whether a person is an established entrepreneur starting a new venture or a newbie starting a business, there are several questions that haunt your mind when you are about to start your own business. Some of these [...]

So, what is your online reputation management strategy?

Have you ever noticed some negative reviews about yourself on the web…? You are a business and doing rather well for yourself. Your clients are also satisfied with you, and everything seems to be doing fine. Then suddenly you notice that someone has posted some negative comments about you/your company on the internet. What do [...]

How to manage PPC campaigns effectively?

So far we have learned about the essentials of a successful AdWords campaign, today we would be learning about some of the important tools to make your Google AdWord/PPC campaign more effective. There are a number of tools that you can use to optimize your PPC ads viz.:-

How to engage visitors on your website?

Worried about how to engage visitors on the website? To cater this issue, we have tried to put together the following tips that you may find handy to engage visitors on your website: Search box Inserting a search box on your web pages provides convenience to the visitors to find the required information with ease. [...]