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How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? If your visitors are not hanging around your website then of course there is a serious loop hole to work on. This loop hole is actually the bounce rate of your website when visitors leave your page either finding design and usability issue or when they find the needed information on […]

Moving towards Web 3.0

I was hosting a dinner party the other day and was surfing through various online recipe sites for vegetarian delectables, perfect for a pleasant February evening and serves Indian tastes. Too many parameters even for the most intelligent search engine? Well, after several tedious attempts, I did manage my way through the deluge of information […]

The Big Bing Theory !!

Microsoft has recently introduced a revamped version of Bing. This hasn’t really caught on a trend yet, but going by its fresh approach and bold marketing campaign “” Microsoft is certainly trying pull Bing out of the image it had for the past so many years. This new version is perhaps the biggest revamp since […]

Adapting to Penguin Panda Rollout

Just when you thought that your SEO rankings were seeing the light of the day, Google announced its two new updates – Penguin and Panda. Panda update is just a revision of the last one. The penguin update can still whack hard. Future “Penguin update” will perhaps give more jolts in the coming months. Frankly, […]

Need for a Social Media Policy

Remember Dominos Pizza’s Christy and Micheal who posted a stomach-turning video of things they did with the toppings? However dumb it may sound now, they certainly were not the first ones to use social media to highlight their doings. Today, a camera and an internet link is all that one needs to post anything online […]

Is Facebook advertising still worth it?

When I read that General Motors, the US automobile giant, was pulling out of Facebook advertising, I wasn’t sure the kind of drift this event would set. GM was quoted saying that the FB advertising was not really working for it. Would organizations, marketing heads and brand managers re-look at their budget allocations shelled out […]

What can we learn from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

All these years we’ve been using words, pictures, gestures, graphics and animations to present ourselves better in front of our clients. A number of mediums of communication like: radio, TV, newspapers, journals, websites, social networking sites- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. help us endorse our products/services more effectively. Have we ever wondered about the lessons that […]

What is the importance of a consumer purchase funnel in the online domain?

A consumer is bombarded with a number of advertisements in a single day and with thousands of brands claiming that they are the best, it often becomes a little difficult for the customers to make a wise buying decision. But thanks to the online medium that provides the consumers an opportunity to do price comparisons, […]

Influence of customer advocacy in online marketing

Have you ever revamped your products/services to suit your customers’ preference? Did you re-design your home page to catch the eye of your visitors? Do you search for innovative ways to communicate with your customers? If yes, then it will be important to understand why you do so? Well, the answer is very simple. It […]

SEO or PPC- Which one to go for?

In the current scenario of cut-throat competition, it is essential to overshadow your competitors, to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends and stay on the top of all search results. Hence, you need to pay a lot of attention while drafting the search engine marketing plan of your website. A number of website owners […]