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Who should use Magento websites?

Magento Websites

Everyone is talking about how e-commerce has transformed the way we run our businesses. The present day buyer can purchase a product from home, office, or probably from anyplace in the world, as long as he/she is connected to the Internet. This has caused an explosion in the number of e-commerce websites, each offering something […]

Mobile commerce trends-a boom to mobile marketing?

Technology has completely transformed the way we interact. The paradigm shift from desktops to laptops and now the mobile phones has revolutionized the entire web scenario. There are approximately 429.7 million Smartphone subscribers worldwide and it is predicted that this number will rise to 1,187.4 million subscribers in 2015. The growing trend of mobile web […]

The Internet Shopping Carts

A shopping cart is basically a software application that runs on the web server. It has interlinking within the website to make your e-commerce easy. The payment is made either through their PayPal, credit cards or other modes of payment. The amount, the taxes and the shipping rates gets automatically totalled. Also, interlinking within the […]

Ecommerce in 2010…

Ever since the evolution, e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as more and more consumers are opting to purchase goods online. The trust and confidence of the customers in e-commerce has shot up to the extent that sales are increasing to around 11% each year. On the flip side, we have also noticed that still there […]

For safer Online Payments, use 3D Secure Protocol

Do you fear charge backs, or fraud or any criminal activity occurring on your site? Or as a user, do you fear your card information being misused by someone else? To counter several concerns over online shopping, companies like Mastercard and Visa have introduced a new measure in online shopping security: the 3D Secure system.