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Web design for mobile devices…

There has been a recent advent of several modern gadgets and smartphones like iPads, iPhones etc. and the demand for mobile based websites like iPhone web design etc. is growing… Let’s have a quick glance at some of the recent findings and why we need a mobile friendly site: There are approximately over 700 million […]

HTML5- Benefits and Comparison

We all know that HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is basically used to logically structure a particular web page by symbolizing specific semantics to the entire content such as headings, links, paragraphs etc. in a web-page. Recently the beta version of HTML5 has been launched. The full version is due in late 2010. What is HTML5?

Maintaining Website Quality Standards…

The need for maintaining quality standards has increased rapidly as a result of the steady rise in the value sourcing space. Hence, it is of prime importance that every web project passes through a rigid quality check before its launch. Let us have a quick glance at some of the important points to be kept […]

How to prevent my website from being hacked?

Website hacking has been prevailing since the inception of the World Wide Web. As compared to the past when website hacking involved using someone’s password to create a virtual “Graffiti” on their site, now it’s the age of advanced hacking. This implies that, unsafe and dangerous hacking is done nowadays which at times can be […]

Web 3.0- A revolution

When the web was initially introduced, it was called web 1.0 which means it was a very simple, the read-only web. Here, advertisers had to highly depend on the advertising agencies to change or edit the content (if needed). Then the web 2.0 arrived which is a social web. The web 2.0 brought various features […]

Web Accessibility under Section 508 diagnosed!!

Web accessibility, as the name suggests, is the practice of making a website usable by people of all genre. All users can access the internet with ease only if the site is designed, developed and edited without errors. In fact, incorrect technology used for a website can be regarded as an obstacle to gaining information […]

What are Single A, AA and AAA conformances? WCA Guidelines Simplified!

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps the Web Content Developers and the Authoring Tools Developers to make the Web Content more accessible to a wide range of people. As different devices are used for accessing Web Content (e.g. computer browsers, voice browsers, mobile devices etc.), surroundings and Operating System also differ from user to […]

Web 2.0 Services

So much buzz about Web 2.0 – What really is Web 2.0? What really forms Web 2.0? The building blocks can be the following:- 1. Enhanced User Interface – The web 2.0 design! 2. Interactivity is the key – What are Web 2.0 applications?