Buying and selling property through a mobile website…

We have learned about the advantages of mobile websites for the hospitality industry in our last post; let us now understand how mobile sites can benefit the real estate industry.

Property buying and selling used to be a tedious and time consuming affair until the advent of the internet which provides quick information to the web browsers. Now, you can get in touch with the real estate agents on the internet and need not wait for long hours to search for a property.

The recent development in technology has led to the evolution of mobile web marketing which is an endeavor to capture the mobile friendly audience by providing instant information to the users on their mobile sets only.

A website is designed keeping in mind the interests of the target audience. Similarly a website designed for real estate industry has to serve the interests of its target audience viz.:-

  • Property buyers/property rentals
  • Property sellers and
  • Brokers/property agents

Now, let’s delve deeper and understand how mobile website for real estate can benefit each of its target public: -

Property buyers/ Property rentals

  • Speedy information
    It is easier to get information from a mobile website as compared to a website built for desktop or laptop. As the mobile website loads faster, you can get quick details about a property or house on rent.For example: – property location, its dimensions, the cost, areas in the vicinity, contact details, road map etc.
  • Easy access
    With the evolution of mobile web marketing, the web browsers now prefer to surf the internet on their mobile phones rather than on a desktop or a laptop. So, if in case you need urgent information about a property or need details about the rental cost of various houses/rooms put on rent in your locality, mobile phone websites can be very useful to you.

Property sellers

-Individual sellers/Construction companies

  • First mover advantage
    Mobile web marketing is fairly a new and growing medium to maintain your brand identity and have a good brand recall amongst your audience.It is an effective platform to reach out to the mobile friendly target group.
  • Portable device
    You can surf the internet while on the move with the help of a laptop as well but it is more convenient to carry a mobile phone and browse the web. As a mobi site property seller, you can stay connected to your buyers even when they are on the move.
  • Wide exposure
    The expenditure on mobile marketing and advertising is increasing drastically. From approximately US$3.6 billion spent in 2009, it is expected that the mobile phone advertising expenditure will rise to around US$38 billion in 2015.Mobile phone advertising can prove to be very profitable for the property sellers who aspire to advertise their products/services effectively to a large group in a shorter span of time.
  • Focused web marketing
    You can browse more than one website on a desktop or a laptop computer by opening different tabs on our computer whereas you cannot open more than one tab on your mobile handset.In other words we can say that there are more chances of lead conversion through a mobile site as compared to a website for desktop or laptop.

    Make your web page as simple as possible and present only the relevant information on your mobi site.

Property agents

  • Effortless marketing
    You need not put in a lot of efforts to market about your services on a mobile website. Within seconds you can update about your latest offers and respond to the enquiries (if any).
  • Dictate the market
    If you have the zeal to dominate your market and expand your business further, entering the mobile web era is need of the hour. Ensure that your buyers get the maximum exposure to your property listings in a minimum possible time.
  • Get more leads
    Integrate a lead management system on your mobile phone website. Once a mobile web browser opens your mobile site, with the help of your lead management system you track the users’ contacts and catch more leads.

The aforesaid are some of the basic advantages of creating a mobile website for the real estate sector, however there can be numerous other points that may prove fruitful to your business. Please let us know if we can provide any assistance to you.

-By Neha Gulati

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  1. Ranjit winy says:

    sure mobile sites is very usefull for real states i feel it.

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