Busting the Insistent SEO Myths

SEO Myths

SEO or Search engine optimization is often treated as a hit-and-trial experiment with no set standards. Every search engine has an algorithm of its own. Such algorithms decide which websites or web pages are good enough to be ranked higher than others. It is accepted lately that the search engines like Google and Bing have now got to the level of actually checking the needs of a user and what all content will be useful for him/her.

Google, the topmost Search Engine has a habit of changing its algorithms and due to this we have often witnessed top rankings sites dwindle to nothing, overnight. This feeds the myths revolving SEO even more. Due to the lack of the availability of any clarifications from Google and with so many SEO practitioners, the myths have refused to somewhat die down and have become insistent. Let us take a look at some of most prevalent myths around Google Search Engine.

Myth No.1

Page Ranking is the world to you: This myth has acquired the top slot in the list only due to a good reason. Most of the SEO practitioners and general internet surfers believe that, to top the search engine rankings, top Google Page Ranking is everything. Google refusing to suspend the Google tool bar for the Page Ranks is only worsening the matter. Despite the abundance of the real life examples, the belief in this myth wholly and solely is continuing in the society. Even the top industrialists have unanimously vouched for the fact that higher rankings are not the result of high Page Rankings

Myth No.2

Paid ads and Organic SEO are best friends: This fact is also misleading and is a myth. The real fact is that Google Adwords and SEO have no relation with each other, at all. Such paid ads do not affect and help in getting the desired page ranking in any way. The Organic and the PPC promotions are treated separately for the page rankings

Myth No.3

Buying Links invite penalties: Evidences say buying links does not make you liable for Google’s wrath. There already have been issues in the same area involving many high profile and large scale profiles including “reputed” websites, but no harm have come to anyone. You may indulge in buying links to be able to boost rankings, provided you have a healthy mix of paid links, natural links, and good unique content.  And most importantly, the links must be of relevant business segment.

Myth No. 4

Quality Content Is enough: Nope. Content is definitely the king, and everyone agrees, but it isn’t enough.  As mentioned above a healthy mix of all is important and solely depending on one aspect merely is not enough. A successful SEO campaign also plays a major role in contributing in Branding and Ranking.

Myth No. 5

Only Off-Page Activities matters: There’s no specific reason as to why people were lead to believe such a thing, but there are many clients who make a huge mistake by only concentrating on the Off-Page activities. It’s only a myth and not a reality. The quality, content, branding and promotions (off-page and on-page) are equally important to acquire the best Google rankings. Hence, concentrating on only one will never fetch you the desired results.

Hopefully all the falsehoods and facts mentioned here makes you a little bit more cautious of the misleading beliefs prevalent in our industry. As it is a known fact that Google has a monopolistic hold in the search traffic, nearly all the SEO consultants dedicate their resources mostly on optimizing the websites for only the Google search engines. Therefore one should not be surprised to also know that, due to such reasons, a huge number of misconceptions and myths are continuing to mushroom till date.

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