Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Social Media is a medium through which people engage with each other. It’s a fact that a business can never flourish if the marketer doesn’t engage with its targeted clients or audience. Well Social Media is the perfect solution to connect with people and promote any business.

A Facebook Business Page not only helps us in creating Brand Positioning; however it also lets the audience know the worth of your products or services. Here are couple of benefits of creating a FB business page:-

1. Low Cost Marketing Strategy Facebook Business Page creation is a free of cost service. From small to medium business, it is an ideal platform for Brand Management to market your products or services.

2. Ideal tool to share Pictures and Videos Along with text, Facebook also lets a marketer share images and videos of their Business with their potential clients. It is an influential platform to interact with Clients and Potential Customers, which allows the customers to see products or services without paying a visit to a marketer’s premises.

3. Facebook Tabs Facebook Tabs are the most useful elements of a Facebook Business Page. It allows you to create tabs according to your requirement. It can be customized to incorporate Logo, Color Scheme, Text, Images and Links to attract the first visitors fully. A well-planned ‘Call to Action’ can also bring a lot of business for the organizations.

4. Build a Community Facebook page is the perfect place to gather customers, prospects and fans to give reviews, share opinions, videos and offer feedback. In short, this is the best place to build a proper community which will talk only about that particular theme/topic.

5. Build Engagement with Audience Facebook is the best tool to build engagement with Audience through Useful and Relevant Links. Running discounted offers and contests can always do wonders in attracting your audience.

6. Effect the Ranking of your website An eye-catchy image and description with a link to your website can dramatically boost the traffic which will ultimately lead to Better Ranking on Google and Better Conversions as a whole.

Let’s check some of the Facts of Facebook:

  • FB currently has more than 1.15 billion active users (which is an ever increasing number)
  • 23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day
  • 47% of Americans believe that Facebook is the most influencing medium for their purchases
  • 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers

How Facebook Impacts SEO

  • Social Media gets you to a wider audience. For Google, wider Audience would mean wider connections and it would always give an extra edge to those websites which are popular.
  • A blog post and article with a link to your website, A video with a link to your Youtube Channel will eventually help improve upon the rankings of your website.
  • SEO is not all about Google Traffic ever since Facebook has emerged as a biggest social media and traffic generating website. A good amount of traffic on your website through Facebook Business Page will also impact the overall rankings and conversions. A Well Optimized Facebook Page can work as a powerful way to expand your business and to reach target audience. These business pages can always help a marketer to attract their potential customers & offer perfect solutions to their targeted audience.
    Media is here to Stay!
  • – Preeti Yelkur

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