Before revamping a website

It is your first platform in the online space, your first interface with your consumers and one of your most potent marketing tools. So what happens when your website fails to establish the connect and communicate your message? It limps your growth story, damages your brand and repulses your consumer. It isn’t deadly and beyond repair but it can seriously harm your business. So what are the first feelers you get indicating that your website needs a revamp.

1. The website traffic is dwindling away
2. Redundant functions, features and technology
3. Poor search engine ranking
4. No social media connect

Before revamping the website

Revamping the website can put you back in the focus light for all the right reasons with your customer. But before you embark on the process of reconnecting with your audience afresh through your website, there are a few pointers which can help you through the process. These can indicate whether your website needs a major overhaul or minor tweaks. Understanding and analyzing those signals can give you a great deal of insight on what your consumer is really looking for.

Analytics: Before initiating the process of website revamp, a look at statistics and figures can provide indicators on how your viewers perceive your website. The SEO ranking on search engines, hits each page / section receives, statistics for the landing pages, as well as a whole host of other parameters can easily help understand the elements which need to be retained, the redundant ones as well as those which need minor tweaking or major changes.

Content: Often, a website revamp tends to majorly become a design revamp exercise. A website is primarily a content platform providing valuable read to its audience. Design is to support the content and not vice versa. Content holds the key to reaching out to your target audience, positioning your organization as well as being visible on the search engines. A look at the kind of content your competitors and industry leaders are offering, will help understand the trends and your audience expectations. The bottom rule remains that the content should be original and the viewer should be able to see value in it. If it can make your audience revisit, the search engine too would follow automatically.

Design: Design is usually one of the foremost aspects that catch the attention of a visitor. However, that being said, design is not just about aesthetics. It should be about functionality as well. A successful design communicates the brand message your website intends to convey and should be in sync with the content. All the technical and non-technical aspects need to be factored in while working on the design for the website.

Marketing: A deed well done too needs to be communicated. Once you are done with the revamping of the website, it needs to be marketed well for it to get its share of visibility it deserves. Right from search engine to social media platforms, aligning your marketing activities to address the target audience is a crucial step in letting people know about the “new you”.

Measurements: Perfection remains a journey and hence there is always a need for some tweaks and mends once the end result is out. It is imperative that the site is monitored to see how the viewer is looking at your website. The changed figures should now work in your favour. And if there are any glitches and deviations, it can be fixed or rectified.

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