301 Redirect

Technology keeps changing with the each passing day. Something that is a buzz word today might become obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, websites too face this problem of getting obsolete when new and better technology steps in.

In such a situation, the best option is to replace the existing site or the current web pages with the new ones while maintaining the existing search engine ranking.

The 301 redirect exactly do this.

Now, what is 301 redirect?

Well, the 301 redirect is a permanent redirect option that basically redirects the search engines as well as the users from the old pages to the new pages.

When 301 redirect is needed?

  • When you have a number of domain names of your website, the search engine ranking gets divided between all these pages. So, it is always wise to use 301 redirect to redirect the old web pages or the previous domain names with the new ones.
  • When you want to remove any sort of confusion caused as a result of two similar looking web pages.
  • When you decide to use the latest technology like upgrading the site to .net (ASPX) or to WordPress.

Is 301 redirect beneficial from SEO point of view?

Once you redirect your old page with the new one, you get the benefit of reduced bounce rate which means that you’ll get better conversion rates. This is because your new web page gets the search engine ranking of the old page followed by enhanced user experience.

Hence, the 301 redirect helps you to boost your search engine rankings by replacing the present web pages with the improved and modified pages.

-By Neha Gulati

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