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How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? If your visitors are not hanging around your website then of course there is a serious loop hole to work on. This loop hole is actually the bounce rate of your website when visitors leave your page either finding design and usability issue or when they find the needed information on […]

Secured Websites – Higher Rankings

The security of users’ system is the new concern for Google. Yes, Google has updated its algorithm once again and this time it is targeting the security measures for websites. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is now one of the parameters on which Google will measure your website. HTTPS encrypts the information between a site […]

UI – The Key of Successful Online Campaign

The face – The Interaction – The Engagement – It’s all about UI. OK. So you have an ecommerce website, up and running, no bugs, working seamlessly on the desktop and the mobile, amazing products, at absolutely mind blowing prices – and yet no one is buying! Does that sound worrying? I am sure it […]

Google Plus – The Business Promotion Platform

Google Loves it’s baby…. It’s not just another social network… Google has added a social layer across the services we live with on a day to day basis. Google+ with more than 540 Million users is gradually becoming one of the most active social networking platforms. With Hangout Feature, Targeted Communities and search engine integration, […]

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

Social Media is a medium through which people engage with each other. It’s a fact that a business can never flourish if the marketer doesn’t engage with its targeted clients or audience. Well Social Media is the perfect solution to connect with people and promote any business. A Facebook Business Page not only helps us […]

A revolution in Internet – New Domain Extensions

After Google updates, it’s the time we take a sneak peek into the future of web domains. This is going to cause a revolution in the Internet world, through the new domain extensions – gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domain Names) unleashed in the market. With this revolution, choosing a domain name would be more strategic […]

Busting the Insistent SEO Myths

SEO or Search engine optimization is often treated as a hit-and-trial experiment with no set standards. Every search engine has an algorithm of its own. Such algorithms decide which websites or web pages are good enough to be ranked higher than others. It is accepted lately that the search engines like Google and Bing have […]

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Does your website adhere to the guidelines that have been set post the Google Hummingbird update? If not, then you need to do something about it as this is going to impact your website rankings on search engines. This new update will definitely affect the website and its positioning on Google, the most popular search […]

Necessity: Mobile Compatible Website?

It is not a startling fact that the Internet Deployment has been soaring during the course of the last few years. As specified by a Morgan Stanley report, handheld web use is expected to match desktop use by 2014. Despite having facts at hand, quite a lot of business sites are still not handheld friendly […]

Heartbleed: A virus with its own logo!!

With Social media being a rage it is, it does not take for news to spread like wildfire, Internet has also given this phenomenon a name “going viral” (cute cats, baby videos and goof up videos of your favorite stars including). Hence it came as no surprise when the newest Internet catastrophe to hit the […]